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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Still almost there!

Yes we are still in Dubai. After 7 cups of coffee and 14 meals we are still here! We thought by now, after only a few short hours, one of our loyal blog readers would have responded by now. But sadly, no comments yet.

As you can tell no sleep, lots of caffiene, and hanging out with friends makes us crazy, giddy and goofy. We are learning to have fun in whatever situation we are in...not that we would want to take up a second home in Dubai...

Just as much as you LOVE hearing from us, we love hearing from you. So the comment challenge is on...we would love to receive a comment from every single person who follows our blog. So gather your thoughts, hit the comment buttom, and start sending us messages!

One last those of you who are not aware, there are four of us travelling together (well actually 5 when you count Jesus)...Erryn and her mom Cheryl, Lacey, and me (Jenny). Erryn is at the same stage in the adoption process as I am, so she will be bringing home her two children along with my two. Follow her blog as well to get a different perspective on our Uganda adventures.

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We are off to our gate... We love you and appreciate your support and encouragement.
Love, Jenny & Lacey


Jordan said...

I am very glad to hear you all made it to Dubai. Our girls have been doing great. They both have stayed with Gary and Vicky on more than one occasion. ( Vicky is a little baby crazy) Ryen is going to their house again tomorrow to see their new horses. I can't wait??? Any way we will continue to pray for y'all.
P.S. I purchased the calling card but have not been able to verify the pin as of yet. They say it will happen within 24 hours

Jenn said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that I didn't check your blog earlier!!! I would have been a commenting fool!! How is it that my BROTHER posted a comment before me??? SO SORRY!!

You guys are in my constant thoughts and prayers, and I am just completely overcome with joy and tears of happiness for you!

Please kiss Africa for me, I am desperately missing her and her people.

Wow! How cool is this??? We serve an awesome and mighty God ladies.

Wish I were there.

Love and kisses to you!

Wish I could reach out through cyberspace and love on you.

Bye for now.

Scott and Erin said...

reading and praying! Can't wait til those sweet babies are in their mama's arms!!! Keep us posted :)

Leala Danninger said...

Glad to hear you are on your way! I am praying for you guys!!! Tim made it to Amani yesterday....Melody remembered him but was a little standoffish and Joey was a little hesitant as well. I think they will warm up quickly though! He had fun watching them play and Melody told the other kids at bedtime that her daddy is funny! Court is on Monday, so we are praying!!!!!! I wish I was there too, sure would be nice to actually meet you and your little ones! I will follow your blog and keep up with how things are going. Oh, by the way, Nathan Flook finally emailed me! Praying for you guys! Leala

Missy said...

Hi there! I'm not even sure how I came across your blog but I've been following your journey for sometime and am so excited for you. We're praying for you all and know God is walking with you. Blessings!

Jenny said...

i love you! you rock!! have fun with christopher and katie!!!


todd said...

You haven't been gone long, but my heart doesn't feel complete with you gone. Yet, in a very real way, I'm right there with you because of the unity we have in Christ.
Jaden, Kellen, & Sage are doing very well. I've been giving them Cheezit's and pudding for every meal. Grammy says they could use a bath, but I think they can hold out until the middle of the week.
We're praying for you alot. You're our extension of Christ, and there is nobody I trust more with that responsibility than you.
With all my love-everyday.
You're the coolest chic ever, and I'm married to you!!!

todd said...

In Jaden's words:

i love you so much that i cant tell you !!!!!you rock so much i all the time write that.i miss you !i'm peraing for you !!i wish you were here becous i miss you so much !yogie bearis doing very very good and kellen to.i am doing well but i still miss you very much!!!!!!!!!!say hello to ant lacy and anty airin and mrs. lee.say hello to you hohoho not funny ok it is funny hehehe!the other grone ups that you are sitting with say high tell them you rock ok .arnt you glad how god had anserd kellen's prayer by givving the chilldren in afrik the lights for the todler room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lana said...

Hi Girls! I saw Todd and the kids this morning (Sunday). He said you should be in Uganda now. We are praying for you daily - I'm gonna ramp it up, too. I just printed out your prayer requests and will carry it around with me and pray for each one of the requests at least once a day. Then I can keep it as a journal too and write in how God answers as I read them on your blog.

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

May God bless you and keep you - may His grace shine on you and GIVE YOU PEACE!!!

Josh and Elizabeth said...

Hey, Jenny, I just checked in this morning and read your progress to Uganda so far! We are praying for you! Could you please post the blog address for Erryn? I don't know their story but would be delighted to follow it as well. Keep posting if you can!

Jessica said...

Hi Jenny! I've been following your blog on my blog reader, and I enjoy hearing the updates of how the adoption process you and Erryn are going through are going! Keep us updated so we know what to be praying for specifically! :)