Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A peek inside African living

This is an African bathroom, called a pit latrine. It is located outside the house and there is no light inside. You have to squat over a hole in the ground. Little Sarah is NOT going to the bathroom in the picture. She is just posing!

This is at Mama Susan's house. This is her sink and her "pantry" area. There is no refrigerator. There is no hot water, but she is blessed to have running water--A trickle out of a makeshift faucet.

Mama Susan's daughter, Sarah, and her house girl, named "Kevin Cinderella" are doing my hair. They kept laughing and couldn't believe that my hair was so "slippery."

We had fun making funny faces for the camera. They would laugh hysterically when they would see their picture on the digital camera. We had to take a funny picture again, and again, and again...

They taught me how to make beads out of magazine paper. Then Sarah, who is five years old, showed me how she makes the necklaces. Mama Susan said it is important for her to learn how to contribute to the family's income.

This is Mama Susan's kitchen. Kitchens are always outside. She has two little stoves as you can see in the picture. She cooked me a feast using this kitchen. It took her 2 1/2 hours and the meal consisted of chicken (which is a luxury item cooked only when a visitor comes), rice, potatoes, avocado, and cabbage. She also made fresh squeezed passion juice and bought me my own 1 liter of coke. Hospitality is amazing here in Africa. I have learned so much from them about giving from your heart, giving all you have and giving the best.

I was distributing magazines to the mamas. These magazines are used to make beads so the mamas can make necklaces and earn a little extra income.

I am enjoying my time here in Africa. I just wish I could click my heels together and have Todd and the kids appear! I miss them so much and the thought of being here another two weeks is overwhelming. I want my time here to count for eternity. I want to make the most of each moment. I want my times with the Lord to be sweet. It is so difficult being patient and waiting on the Lord. All throughout scripture I am reminded to wait on the Lord, to be of good courage, the Lord is with me, and He is faithful. I know God is stretching me and growing it is for my good...but it is still hard!

May God receive all the glory! Amen.


Missy said...

Thanks for sharing this. You have been such an inspiration to your family as you wait. We had to wait too and it's amazing when you are finally through it you may be able to glimpse why God took you through. I stole the Habbukuk verse from your blog (well, I guess I didn't really steal it) but we have used that as an encouragement through our adoption journey. I so appreciate how you are allowing God to use you while you wait. What a blessing you are to so many. Don't lose hope, be strong and courageous, he will never leave you nor forsake you. Blessings

elise said...

Wow! I am reminded of how truly blessed we much we take for granted. I often whine about not having a dishwasher! May God continue to reveal himself to you and strengthen your heart while you wait!