Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday- Saturday looking for hope.

(per Todd)

In the sober thoughts and emotions of Good Friday, and, yet, an overwhelming thankfulness and humility before God, we continue to ask Him to heal His little Katie-girl.

She is beautiful. Have you studied her eyes yet? If not, search through some of Jenny's recent photos on her posts. I'm telling you, her eyes go right through you. It's like you can see God's purpose in them- a purpose much greater than any of us realize.

Katie shows signs of discomfort continually, and I can tell from her voice on the phone, Jenny is pouring all of her love into Katie. I can also tell that Jenny has that worried mother's heart right now. Not worry that God is not sovereign, but that worry that her child is far from well.

It is our Good Friday night, and her Saturday morning. As we will be asleep, she will be traveling to Kampala hoping to meet with a specialist that we were referred to by a friend. We are very hopeful that he will be able to help her in some way.

Please pray as you read this that God would give them safe and easy travel (we think Katie gets motion sickness- and Kampala requires a few hours of car time).

Pray that the Professor they are to meet may be able to help, and that he is available (an odd thing to be available on a Saturday on Easter weekend).

Pray, also, that Jenny will receive encouragement from other believers. This whole thing with Katie is emotionally and spiritually very difficult to do on her own.

As an important note to that, she is greatly encouraged to know who is praying for all of us right now. If you have not left a comment before, please do so that she may be encouraged by the many who hold her and our whole family up before the LORD.

Thank you. A million "Thank you"s for your encouragement and prayers. I truly believe that you have no idea the crucial role that God has for you during this time. However, thank you that you have chosen to submit to His call on you to pray and encourage. As a husband and daddy, I am eternally grateful to you, and to the God who is able to draw His family together for His purpose and glory.


karyncpi said...

Todd and Jenny, I have been keeping up with your family info through Erryn and now your blog. Your faith, how you receive God's derection and continue when it zigs and zags are such a lesson to us all. I have lifted your family up in prayer with the elders of my church prior to and now on this trip as well as the continual change in events and Katie's health. Please know that there are so many reading your blogs who don't know you but are praying ernestly for you and especially Katie's health. As your blogs change so our prayers change. May you feel the strength of many who pray. God bless.

Leala Danninger said...

Jenny, this morning, which is afternoon in Uganda, Tim and I prayed for you and your trip to Kampala and for little Katie! I can't imagine what your heart is feeling......when my kids have been really sick I know how heartwrenching it is and I can't imagine how that would be all the more when you are in a 3rd world country where you aren't sure what you should do.

The Lord is able to give you all you need! Leala

Jessica said...

I've been continuing to read your blog and pray!

Sarah Peterson said...

Todd & Jenny,
Greetings from Indiana! Your strength through this trial is a great encouragement for me. Your journey for these beautiful children is a reminder that God has all things (large & small) under control. He can be trusted with even the smallest of details. You have been in my prayers since I first heard about this journey (about 3 months ago) and even more so since Jenny has been in Uganda.
Stay strong. I pray that God will continue to give you strength. I am also praying that God will bless you beyond all possibilities.
I am excited to see how God will be glorified through you. Take Care.

andrea said...

Hi. My name is Andrea and I found your blog through the Littleton's blog. I spent a few months at Amani this summer and love following the adoption stories of all of our babies. Katie and Christopher are such precious babies and it has been such a blessing to hear how God has brought them into your family. I am praying for both of you, for your family, for Katie and Christopher, for a smooth adoption and especially for Katie's health. May you see God's mighty hand at work in all your lives daily.