Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Official!

On October 1, 2008, we finalized the adoption of Christopher and Katie! Their names are legally changed and they now share our last name! We will also be getting Montana birth certificates for C & K with our names listed as the parents! This is the final and complete step in the process and it is a huge celebration. We will forever remember and celebrate Oct. 1st as our official adoption day. Our lawyer was very generous and did all the work at no cost to us--just because he is passionate about adoption. The judge loves adoption as well and made the day very special for us. He was genuinely interested in our story, in the kids' lives, and was quick to give God the glory for it all. On top of all this, we got to finalize the adoption with our friends--the Lundman's! We traveled together to Uganda in March to get our children and we got to finish together. It was a wonderful day!

The kids (there were 13 of them!) got to sit in the jury box!

We also celebrated Sage's birthday recently as she turned 4! WooHoo!!

Katie spent another weekend in the hospital. This time she was hospitalized for sickle cell pain which we believe was caused by the sickling of cells in her back. She is doing better and ibuprofen is her best friend.

We had a major snow storm come through this last weekend which dumped 22 inches. The kids had so much fun building snow forts and snow men, throwing snowballs, and drinking hot chocolate. We lost many, many branches from our trees (the trees had not dropped all their leaves yet and it was a very heavy, wet snow).

Christopher's version of getting ready for the snow!

Sage's version of getting ready for the snow!

Since daddy did not approve of her first outfit, this was her second try at getting ready to play in the snow!

Katie's hair is slowly getting longer, and I am having fun experimenting with tons of different hair products and hair styles. Here is one of them...

This is actually Katie's favorite look. We thought hair extensions might be too expensive and take too long, so we just have her wear the head-piece from Pirate's of the Caribbean =)