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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Little Katie- Big Appetite

Last night, I brought Katie to my hotel room for a 'girls night.' We had a little slumber party just the two of us and it went really well. I know there are people out there praying specifically for Katie to drink more water because she has been willing to drink more than usual! This girl has got an appetite. This morning she had breakfast at the hotel... she drank a huge glass of milk without coming up for air, a small bowl of cheerios, three eggs with onions and green peppers, a piece of toast, a banana, and a cup of juice. We had to leave in a hurry to meet our driver, so she was still hungry. Once we were in the car she started eating a clif bar.
I want to thank you Nadine, for recommending Prof. Ndugwa. I was able to reach him on his mobile this morning and he told me to meet him at the clinic...he would be there from 11 to 2. I called a driver this morning and was able to reach the clinic at 11:30. It is truly a hole in the wall and was a little difficult to find. But when we found him, it was like finding a hidden treasure. I only had to wait for 10 minutes, and the father waiting in front of me was bringing his sickler for his monthly check up. He told me that Prof. Ndugwa is the best in Uganda for treating sickle cell anemia. Ndugwa ended up writing out a plan for Katie and drew more blood. Since last Mon. her hemoglobin had gone up... It is now 8.0 which is good. The unfortunate thing is Katie does get motion that huge breakfast she had this morning...yep you guessed it! The doctor says he has nothing to give someone as little as her for motion sickness. We have many more trips to Kampala to make as well as a looonng flight ahead of us. Please add this to your prayer list! I have a lot of work ahead of me in order to help Katie get well. I am feeling encouraged by my visit with Prof. Ndugwa, but I am needing to change her diet, increase her fluids by 3x what she is normally drinking and adding a few medicines to her routine. There is also some challenges and discouragement I am facing from other areas so please continue to pray. It has been a difficult and long day.
I am on very limited time right now and am unable to proof this...hope it makes sense. I cant tell you what a difference it makes to know you are praying for me. I cried as I read through Todd's last blog and all the comments that have been left on the posts. You are making a difference. Thank you.
To my family --I miss you so much. I love you and am continuing to pray for you. Have a happy Easter. I will be celebrating in Uganda while thinking of you.


todd said...

I love you.

Happy Easter! He did not stay in the grave! We serve a living, active, sovereign God!

A protective, kingly Lion.

A gentle, compassionate, sacrificial lamb.

Would you ever choose to serve another after knowing Him?

Jenny said...

In Jaden's words:

Momy can you believe what daddy wrote to you? I thank it's perity cool Do you thank Bible stories are cool? I hope so. well I am going to tell you storie or achaly no. Is katie doing well? I thank she is not I just want a report. Mommy yes i'm talking to you Happy Ester today and to marow. I've been writing books. My choises are go on a date with you yes or go on a date a gin or go on a date with you a gin.How go on a date that's the first one.P.S. I love you I miss you I thank you rock!

lana said...

This week's been crazy, and this is the first in a few days that I've been able to catch up with you through your blogs.

I am praying for Katie's health and a quick ruling and speedy paperwork.

Last week in Bible study we were studying Daniel's prayer in Chp 9. One of Beth's comments really applied to my, and I'm sure many others', journey in prayer with you and your family: "Scripture offers many proofs that one person's prayers can affect masses of people. Can you imagine, therefore, what we miss when we never pray fervfently outside our small circle of concerns? Oh, how Satan hopes we'll think our prayers don't matter and that God's activity is limited to what we can see with human eyes."

Further down, "Do we rehearse the mighty acts God has performed in the past as we request His intervention in the present? The prayer warriors of the Word often coupled their requests with remembrances like a lawyer cites a precedent before the judge hearing the case."

I had to stop on that day and look up Scripture references to God healing the sick and recite them back to Him while pleading that he heal Katie completely - every last cell.

Here's some references I am praying over her: Ps. 139: 13-18, Jer. 1:5, Matt. 4:23; Matt. 8:5-13, 15-17; Acts 3:7, 16.

I believe Katie will be healed - when and where I don't know, but it will be at the time and place that will bring God the most glory.

We love you, and rest in knowing that the Lord works out all things for good and for His glory.

Kroll Family said...

Happy Easter, Jenny! How amazing our God is that you would be led to a great doctor for sweet Katie. You are an amazing mom and such a wonderful example for many. God bless you as you care for your children. My prayers continue for you and your whole family (I even pray in the middle of the night...thanks to a 2 month old baby who loves to eat:)
Love, Jo

Jessica said...

I am glad to hear that Katie is starting to drink more and that the doctor was helpful! He is Faithful :) As you're going through the challenges do not lose sight of how God uses even the suffering and challenges for his Glory...they produce patience and character, slowly, God is refining you through it all :) God bless!

Billy Hurt said...

You and all your little ones are in our prayers. Our kids remind us at every red light to pray, every time we walk across a parking lot, when we swing, on the way to school. You are on our hearts. Thank you for the blessing you have been.

I have had the pleasure of loving on your kids this week at school. They also do not miss a moment to pray for you and there siblings.
Jaden is very eggcited about hidding eggs for all his siblings next easter. Kellen was so excited to learn that a strong man from Africa helped Jesus carry his cross, and he is sure if you need help carring the babies or your stuff Simon will help you to.
Sage gave me the biggest hug and best smile as she simply whispered Thank you.
So I will simply say the same to you THANK YOU.


Cloughamily said...

"As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him. For who is God besides the Lord? And who is the Rock except our God? It is God who arms [you, Jenny,] with strength and makes [your] way perfect. He makes [your] feet like the feet of a deer; He enables [you] to stand on the heights. He trains [your] hands for battle; [your] arms can bend a bow of bronze. [God] gives [you] His shield of victory, and [His] right hand sustains [you]; [He] stoops down to make [you] great. [He] broadens the path beneath [you], so that [your] ankles do not turn." Psalm 18:30 - 36

Jenny, your faith reflects God's glory. His ways will NOT fail; they can't. And you are in the center of His will, so claim the victory!

We are committed to praying every day for you and your beautiful children, Sister. And we will persevere to the end for you and for our King.

God bless you, and Happy Resurrection Sunday!


P.S. I want to see you bend a bow of bronze! :)

Amy and Bethany's Ugandan Adventures! said...

Hi jenny and todd! I found some old photos of your babies from 2006. If you send your email address i'd love to send them your way:)

Jessica said...

PS...when I read today's verse of the day on bible gateway, I immediately thought of you!

“Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.”- James 1:12

Go for the crown! You can do it :)

Nadine said...

Praise God! You are doing fantastic! Encouraging Katie to eat, and drink more water and most of all, the Love and care you have given her...and God's healing love.
HE is with you.

Love and prayers,


Beth said...

It is promising news to hear that Katie's blood count is improving and she has a good appetite. I'm sure and Sage can have a contest eating "sweets".

We're both praying for you, Katie, and Christopher and the ruling this week, Katie's health, the doctor's knowledge, God's healing hand, and your safe return to the US.

I'm looking forward to seeing Todd, Jaden, Kellen, and Sage at the end of the week. I even have Kellen's favorite packed (JELLO)!
I know I can't take the place of the love you show to them on a daily basis, but I will try to fill-in and be a good mamaw.

Love, MOM (Beth)

Anonymous said...


My husband and I have been following your blog for some time and have been praying for you and your family. Your story continues to touch me and shows how BIG our God really is.

Know that there are extra prayers for little Katie. My family knew Katie's namesake. My parents ran a coffee shop near the University of Montana in Missoula and it soon became a gathering stop for the campus ministries. Katie W. sort of used the coffee shop as her 'office' and we all felt so blessed to have known her. My mom joined Katie in God's Kingdom over a year ago. My mom just LOVED babies, so I can just picture Katie and my mom pouring out their love on you and your family.

Many blessings and prayers,
Kyla & Brian

Jireh Ministries Foundation, Inc said...

Hi Jenny,
I hope the night ended a little more peaceful for you and that Katie settled down to have a good sleep. It is very difficult to try to comfort a little one when you just don't know what to do. We had a great Easter with the kids and your hubby. Todd is just such a good daddy. Mom and I just cherish the moments that we now have been able to enjoy. Todd read the story of the Crucifiction on Friday and all the lights were kept off until Sunday Morning. We were all excited this morning when all the lights were on throughout the house and he read us the story of the resurrection,the kids were really excited. Afterwards the kids searched for eggs. These kids know God and how to pray to Him. You have a wonderful family and are a good mommy. Happy Easter!
We are on our count down, we will see you in just about a week in africa! This is amazing that we are going to meet our newest grandchildren while in Africa. It is all part of God's plan.
Love, Dad

Matthew and Amanda said...

Hello Jenny,

Your in our prayers and hearts. We are in SD for Easter.
My heart just goes out to you. I feel with you about being alone and it must seem overwhleming it would be so hard for anybody, but I know you are experiencing His clossness at this time in a way we do not normally. I pray for you a verse in Duet. that I do not have in front of me but it goes-
"the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders"
This is my prayer for you His beloved that you would feel his love, and rest in the mighty shoulders of your God. He holds you as you lay down to sleep, he carries you through every task enveloped in his love resting in the protection of his shoulders!
I love you Jenny-my heart just hurts with your homesick heart, your ill baby and longing to be home with your family all together, and rejoyces with you at your joy in the Lord, your tetimony of love,faith, obedience, courage, and heart for Jesus and love for the least of these. Your loved...