Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tears of thankfulness

To all of you who are leaving are getting really good at making me cry! a good way =) God has been so good to me and I have been blessed beyond what I could ever imagine to call you my friends. You are just as much a part of this process as Todd and I are. Thank you for recalling special memories, for the reminder of scripture, for the continual encouragement and support. Every time I get on my blog and read your comments, I know it is God who is speaking directly to me. I think that is why I am so teary eyed...because I know without a doubt that God is ministering to me through you. Thank you for being so willing and obedient to be used by God for his purposes throughout this adoption journey.

The thought that I cannot escape right now is a quote from Gavin, a five year old, "Maybe Jesus had the judge say no because he wants Mrs. Moore (me!) to tell more people about Jesus." Thank you for that encouragement Gavin! I will keep my chin up, and I will look for opportunities to proclaim the love and name of Jesus!

This is a shout out to Amy and Bethany... Johnson, your piki driver, sends you greetings!

Looking forward to seeing God at work today, even in the littlest details,


Amy and Bethany's Ugandan Adventures! said...

Jenny!! Thanks for the shoutout! JOhnson was our special piki friend and we really grew to love him. He always made sure we got home safe. He calls himself a "senior bachelor" and always asked us if we had any good born again friends to set him up with! Hes adorable. Please tell him i say hi and that i'm sending a little something in the mail for him that will get to him through Rachel and Arielle.

Jenny, every morning i wake up, so excited to read your blog. I get my coffee at work and settle down at the computer to check the blog and catch up. My mom is hooked now too and she spent a few hours one night reading it from the VERY beginning so she would be very well informed.

I'm praying for you and dear Christopher and Katie, and your kids and husband at home. Your blog is a blessing in my life and encourages me in my walk with God. Thank you!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Jenny you have a beautiufl heart of sacrifice. I see this because you are being obedient and sacrificing the comfort and desire to be home you have left the 4 (99) to go after the 2 babies that needed you to find there way home. You are fighting a battle for them as God fights a battle for us so we may find our way home. I admire your heart to yeild to Jesus. I know he will be faithful to you in great ways. As I read of your jouney it is like I am reading one chapter at a time of a book I do not want to put down, but have to wait to see what the next chapter will be. Only there is this amazing calling to pray and then watch the continued working of the holy spirit in the next chapter. Your blog has been a devotion for me. It has built my faith and caused me to seek God for our lives and what God is asking of us.(and tell everyone I know to read it so they will catch the fire and passion)

I know it must seem like there is still so much before you and you are waiting on people to do there part in the process. But I was thinking when we went through something hard for 3 months this winter in our family, I praised God because time was standing still for me which never happens with little ones that grow to fast. I had joy in the trial enjoying my children at 1, 3, 4, & 5. You can enjoy your babies as babies with little distraction of daily chosrese etc. You are in this for a life time with these beautiful people and a few more weeks is so small compared to the years of life you will live seeing God fulfill His purpose in there lives just like he is in your life now!
You are covered in love countless people are being blessed, encouraged, and challenged by your faith and obedience. Continue on the good fight of faith! Standing with you in prayer and love,

Kroll Family said...

Jenny, your journey is touching so many lives. On Easter Sunday at church Mike started leading a song and said it was one that you and Erryn took with you to Africa in hopes of sharing it with the people there. It was so awesome to think that you were so far away sharing the love and hope of our God. There were definitely some tears in the building at the slight mention of both of you. You are all so loved!

Your blog has become part of my daily devotion time. It prompts my heart to pray and worship the Lord the very minute I start reading. You are an incredible writer. Your feelings and commitment come across so clearly. As Gavin said, you are there to teach more about God. I am one of those you are teaching and setting an example for. Your faithwalk has increased mine.

Your heart for the Lord is amazing. I am praying for you and your precious children.

Love and God bless,

Tara Pool said...

Jenny, I have to tell you that the very first thing that I do when I get to Hope each morning is immediately look at yours and Erryn's blogsites. And I'm almost always shouting for Marc to come and read it! It's exciting to be able to read your words, see where you are in The Word, get updates on the children and read your amazing stories. I've had tears in my eyes on more than one occasion, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels blessed to be able to be apart of your journey in this small way. Both of you girls have been in my thoughts frequently the last few days, and in my prayers even more. You have quite the cheerleading team here, as you can see by all the encouraging comments. I admire you greatly for being out of your comfort zone to do God's work. But what an amazing thing from the mouth of a five year old, that maybe you need to tell more people about Jesus. How amazing! Children say the most simple, profound things sometimes that it just takes my breath away.
You're in my thoughts, Jenny. Keep on keeping on!
Give my children a hunger to know your Word, O God, and to meditate on it day and night. Let it be a lamp to their feet and alight to their path. Give them boldness to proclaim it (Josh. 1:8; Ps. 119:105)

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I am so glad to finally get a chance to let you know that we are praying for you each day and missing you greatly. Jaden is being a true trooper and such a sweetheart each day. Daily he leads us in prayer for you and your needs. Our class is having a blast seeing the pictures and tracking your adventures. I wish I could say that this is where it ends , but I am totally overwhelmed with the need to pray for you constantly. I even found myself up at 12:11 the day of your first court date praying. This is very odd because I love my sleep. Ha Ha I just want to let you know what a blessing your story is each day for me and how I can't wait to read and see what God is doing. I am so glad to have Jaden here each day to join us in praying for your family. He is becoming an awesome little man of God and trusting him greatly. Thanks so much for sharing him with me every day. We can't wait to see you. Keep the pictures coming our Africa picture board is looking great.
Love, Patty

todd said...

In Jaden's words:

Mommy I can't wate in till you get your gift. I got a day off of Shcool on munday!

todd said...

In Jaden's words:

Mommy I can't wate in till you get your gift. I got a day off of Shcool on munday!

Jenn said...


Had a long conversation with Lacey last night...just know that I am on my knees praying for you and Katie and Christopher during your difficulty in Uganda.

It is encouraging to see God work in your life, and to see your strength is the Lord's strength.

Press on friend! Continue speaking the truth in love.

Loving you from Montana,


lana said...

"I, the LORD, have called you in righteousness, and will hold your hand; I will keep you and give you as a covenant to the people, as a light to the Gentiles." Is. 42:6

Jenny, this passage may be refering to Christ, but it is Christ who lives in you! God has called you to Uganda at this appointed time to share His light with those you encounter, and He himself holds your hand. That just gets me so fired up!!!

I share the same thoughts and feelings as Amanda, Jo, and Tara - I can't wait to read your blog each day; it has been a devotional for me each day and really challenged me in my personal walk with God and prayer life. And I know that the comments left only represent a small fraction of those faithfully following your journey and praying for you daily. Thank you for your perserverance and faithfulness.

Jessica said...

I so agree with Lana! I've been looking forward to reading your blog every day!