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Monday, March 31, 2008

Action Packed


Katie is doing terrific! She has energy and spunk! She is smiling and is even saying a few words. She was very active this morning while playing with all the toys. She looks great! Thank you Jesus!
I have been having a great time. I am so thankful for Rachel and Arielle, they have truly been an incredible blessing to me. Arielle's parents and sister were visiting for the last couple weeks, and we joked that Rachel and I were their 4th and 5th daughters. They were so kind and generous, they encouraged me with hugs, prayed for me, and were great company over many dinners. I believe this is another way God has ministered to is tough being in Africa alone, but I have not felt alone because I have been surrounded with new friends who I just love!
Yesterday, we had to take Arielle's family to the airport, so we made a fun day trip out of it. We went to Kampala Pentecostal Church (KPC), see, you can also YouTube this church! It was a very powerful church service. The singing was incredible. Just watching Ugandans praise the Lord through song causes many emotions to stir within me. Seeing their hands lifted high, jumping up and down, shouting with excitement, swaying back and forth and dancing...they are singing their hearts out to the Lord. It is beautiful. KPC has started an orphanage called Watoto Babies Home, see This place is amazing! We got to tour this facility and love on the children here. None of these children can be adopted, but they are in a great place. It would be wonderful if every orphanage in the world could look like this one.
One our way home, the main road to Jinja became closed (we don't know why). So we took a detour on a tiny, one lane, extremely bumpy, road at 10:30pm, where traffic is still trying to go two ways. A huge truck carry a lot of cargo, was going the opposite way and caused everyone to come to a standstill. Everyone turned off their engines and got out of their cars, trying to direct traffic in the dark. Imagine 20 Ugandans all shouting at the same time, some vans going in reverse barely skimming the side of our van, while we are sitting in a stuffy van trying to figure out what is going on. As Rachel sticks her head out of the van to have a say, we see a man peeing right in front of us. That is when we had one of the moments..."we really are in Africa!" As I write this, I realize there is no way of accurately portraying the chaos last night! We finally had to just laugh, and were thankful when we arrived at 11:45pm. We got home just in time for a huge thunderstorm!
As I write this, I just got a message that, Nicolas, our lawyer is waiting at the courthouse right now. He will call as soon as he receives any news! I will keep you posted.


Amy and Bethany's Ugandan Adventures! said...

YAY jenny!! So glad to hear Katie is doing better, from those pictures she just looks like a smiling silly girl:) I remember what she looked like a year and half ago and was this tiny, loooong, gorgeous little baby that my friend Cassia loved like her own. I'll email her and see if she has any photos from then to send to you guys. Praying for great news from the court!! Aren't Rachel and Arielle the best:)

Matthew and Amanda said...

I love to read your blog!!! It is ao amazing to share in your journey! What an adventure you had yesterday. I LOVE the pictures of your darling babes! What a gift you will have to share with them one day of them in thier care center and what there life was like there.
I am still in SD. I stayed an extra week to care for our dear friends children while they are in Mexico. I am have 9 children in my care with 6 from other nations and 3 home grown! It has been so fun! Walking into church with all in tow, the song that started playing was "He holds everything together, I instintly thought of you, started just praying in the spirit for you and I could not hold everything together! My heart is so tenter to you in this process. I just feel what you feel to a small degree from my time all alone in other countries, and the utter dependency on Jesus and seeing His goodness and love in such real ways through the love of the people. BUT you have family at home that I know your heart longs to be with and this is where my heart just can not let go of praying for you and your family. You have had such a great attitude and been a testimony to SO many! I am so encouraged by your faith Jenny! I will be praying for a good word today for you! Enjoy those babies they are amazing!
Love you,

r.glassing said...


Thanks be to God for Katie's health. Great News. It is hard to believe that this little girl is ever not smiling - every picture portrays that beautiful little smile of hers - like mommy, like daughter!!

I met your parents in Costco's parking lot yesterday - speaking of like mother (parents), like daughter. I only spent a few minutes visiting with them, but, instantly fell in love. They have such amazing heart's for the Lord as well. I am as excited to follow their journey as I have been following yours and Erryn's. Although I look forward to the day that you are both home with your children, I will definately miss rushing to the computer first thing each morning to see if there is an update.

May God continue to bless and protect you, Christopher and Katie, Erryn, Bosco and Nancy, and now your wonderful parents Jim and Robyn.


aakoenig said...

I am so happy to hear that Katie is doing so well. She has been on my mind a lot. She seems so small and weak as it is and so I am so very happy that she seems to be bouncing back. I just love her smile and cannot see her being down and out. Thanks for the update. Also sorry about the ruling, but just as Todd said you seem to be keeping your head above water. What a testimony to be so faithful and trusting in God's timing.

Have fun with your parents. They should be there soon, right? I hope they bring much encouragement and joy to your heart.