Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pray for Katie

Katie is not doing well again. She developed a bad cough this morning and has a fever. She is weak and irritable. We are having a difficult time getting her to take liquids and she has already vomited twice. Please pray for her.
I held her for 1 1/2 hours today while she slept on my chest, but she was really restless. I feel so helpless for her. It seems that her health status changes so quickly from day to day, even hour to hour. I long to see her healthy and well.
Thank you for your prayers.


Kroll Family said...


I was just opening up your blog and your entry popped up as I was praying for you and your family. I will be praying for sweet Katie. I will pray for your physical and emotional strength to care for her.

You are doing so awesome, Jenny. I don't know that I could persevere as you have. I am not one who does well alone, so I truly admire all you have been accomplishing. It is so evident that God is working in you and through you.

Love and God bless you,

Matthew and Amanda said...

Yes, I will be praying for your dear little Katie.
Your heart attitiude is amazing! God will honor you for your faith-it is how we please him and I know he is pleased with you.
Soon you will all be together!
I love the pictures- how humbeling to see what I throw away without thinking they use for income... Also my kithen is so plush after seeing how they cook with so little. I only can think- to whom much is given much is required. You are giving so much of yourself Jenny...
Praying for Katie, and your adoption process,

Amy and Bethany's Ugandan Adventures! said...

The thing i like most about you and todd and your growing family is your genuine love and interest in Ugandan culture. Trust me when i say that you have forever impacted so many people. Throughout your entire blog you have not mentioned anything remotely derogatory about Uganda even though there are times when you really just want things to go the 'white' way. There are people who come to Amani and pick up their kids, without ever seeing 'real' Africa, and you'll be able to tell Katie and Christopher exactly where they came from, and that you LOVE where they came from. Thats definately a gift.
We're blessed to be a blessing.
Praying for Katie as always. Please update as much as possible on her condition. We love you and are praying for you.

Melissa said...

It has been and continues to be our family's prayer that Katie is strong and feeling well for her trip. You don't know our family but we have been praying for you and your family since December. You are an inspiration to us as we await our adoption of two sweet Ugandans. My children think that Katie's health is the reason for the delays with ruling. They think the Lord will use this time to make her strong for the trip. I pray they are right. May you find rest in Him, for He is Mighty!

todd said...


We don't deserve this life! God has blessed us beyond anything we could ever have desired. Thank you for being my wife, our children's mommy, a loyal friend to many, and a passionate Christ-follower. It's contagious for me, and I see it everyday. I love you!

Katie Croft said...

Sweet friend~
Laura and I are sitting here together getting updated on your life via your blog. Thank you for keeping us updated on how we can pray for you, Katie and Christopher. We love you and look forward to meeting these sweet little ones!
Praying for you,
Laura and Katie

Anonymous said...

Father God,
Lord we lift katie up to you. Lord you know her you feel her discomfort and you have held her since birth and provided for her and Christopher. Lord we praise you for your goodness. we humbly seek you now and ask you to bring katie peace, rest let your healing power rush over her. give her strength to drink and keep her fluids and her food down. That she may rise from this season in life to testify for your name sake. Giving you all the praise.
Lord bring Jenny strength and rest bless her with wisdom in caring for katie. Thank you lord for this servent who listens to your voice and does your work.
Thank you God for your faithfulness
we love you lord

We love you, stay strong
Billy Hurt