Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Something Old, Something New

That's basically what it feels like around here.

There's definitely something new with Katie and Christopher. A new family dynamic; a new routine; a new perspective on God's purpose for our lives; a new beginning for all of us in many ways.

Yet, still, there is something old about it all...

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes or pants that made you look twice to make sure they weren't "pre-worn" because they provided the comfort of your old one's? Have you ever been to a place you know that you have never experienced before, and it still felt strangely like home? Have you ever made a new friend in some wierd circumstance, and after a few moments you connected like best friends since junior high?

In a very abstract way, that's what it's like with Katie and Christopher being "home". By our strange disappearance of blog entries, you may have deduced that our days have precious little "left-over" time which has definitely caused us to be more deliberate with each moment. Yet, God's presence is still abundantly clear, and His grace flows in a continual stream.

I've often found myself at the edge of a mountain stream wondering when the water will run out and stop flowing. Perplexed, I keep watching and listening as the dribble, gurggle, pop, and splash never show signs of fading.

Welcome to God's grace. It is the stream that never fades or falters. It is never late, and is always enough for the present need. Sure, there is never enough water in that mountain stream to meet the demands of hundreds of years, but there is always enough for that moment. There is an endless supply of grace; never in surplus or need; always just enough.

We remind ourselves of this as Katie is in her first major hospital visit here in Montana. She is requiring a blood transfusion to overcome some difficulties with her sickle cell. She's weak, tired of being poked and prodded by the nurses, and generally in a little of a fowl mood, but she is very gritty and tough. A couple of weeks ago she had blood drawn, and I watched in amazement as she merely blinked when they poked her with the needle. Then I watched her scream in complete terror as they attempted to put a band-aid on her wound. Go figure, but she is certainly tough. That's God's grace in the life of a little girl with a difficult disorder. His grace is practical and sufficient.

Pray for her health, and ask God to do what we pray over her every night: That she would rest in the knowledge of the presence of God.

Matt. 28:20, "...And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age."