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Saturday, March 15, 2008

There is no God like our God. -from the homefront

I guess that I'm your substitute Jenny for this entry. I know that you'd rather hear things straight from her since she has a great way of bringing us right into the moment and fullness of what God continues to do. However, the last couple of days have been very busy with prayers for miracles, logistics, increasing problems with Katie's health, seeing prayers answered, and Lacey and Christopher getting lost.

I suppose if I stopped there I'd be in big trouble, so I'll try to break it all down per Jenny's request.

We have been reminded time and again by various experienced people that it is impossible for the Judge to give his verbal ruling the same day as our court case, but, as you've probably guessed by now, that is exactly what we are praying for. We are praying this for several reasons:
First, and most importantly, we want God to be glorified in ways that are unexplainable by any other means than His direct hand at work. Our hope is that those who are watching or have learned to expect "less" from God would be reminded of His greatness, and have their faith deepened and stretched.
Second, Katie's health has been a constant question mark, and it appears to be declining. She has acquired a double ear infection, and we're thinking that there may be other issues, as well. Every day that she is in Uganda is one more day that she is separated from getting the medical attention that she needs to be healthy and comfortable. So, we're praying that the Judge's decision would be given out very quickly, and that the passports and visas would also be obtained very quickly so that they may all be able to come home sooner than expected.
Third, being without Jenny is like being without my right arm. She is a crucial part of me, and a great encouragement to our whole family. We long for her return.

Please pray with us that God would, in His mercy and sovereignty, move the heart of our judge to give his verbal and written decisions in miraculous fashion that all would know that God did this. In this, however, we stand on the knowledge that He is glorified and sovereign whether He does this miracle or not. He is who He is, that will never change.

In relation to our Katie, she is our daughter hand-picked for our family by God. We love her as our own because she is our own. Please pray that she will be healthy and strong for the flights home. Flights can be a very difficult experience for people with Sickle-Cell. Their bodies aren't very efficient at delivering oxygen throughout their body. With the change of air pressure, comes greater diffuculty in getting sufficient oxygen. Any illness can greatly increase the chances of her going into "crisis" while traveling. This is our baby, and our hearts hurt for her.

One answer to prayer related to the traveling is that Emirate Air has graciously given Jenny freedom to use available oxygen support while on their flights should the need arise. Thank you, God, for taking care of our little girl- only You know what she really needs.

Oh, did I mention that Lacey and Christopher disappeared? It made for an intense half-hour of prayer and searching, but all turned out well.

While Jenny and Katie hopped on their "piki" (motorcycle), Lacey and Christopher climbed onto theirs. Well, as you well know, all white people look Lacey's driver apparently confused her with some of the volunteers at the baby home who had plans to go to a completely different destination. We're still not quite sure how the mix-up happened, but the short of it is: Jenny and Katie arrived safely to their destination, and realized that Lacey and Christopher were no longer behind them. After several minutes of their absence, things began to seem more urgent.

Jenny began making phone calls, and there were many folks keeping their eyes peeled for a white lady holding a little Ugandan boy. Thankfully, in a confusing turn of events, they were found, and eventually delivered to the right address.

In the midst of that adventure, I began to allow fear to creep in. Then God reminded me that He knew exactly where Lacey and Christopher were, even if nobody else did. He reminded me that He also knew how to get them where they needed to be. Sometimes my life feels that I'm not sure where I'm at or how to get to where I need to go, but, without fail, our Pilot always delivers us to our correct destination in perfect timing.

Please pray, also, for strength, rest, and health for Lacey, Erryn, Cheryl, and Jenny. All of them are experiencing some fatigue. God is more than equal to what He has called them too, and will be faithful in meeting what needs they have, but He is extremely delighted right now that His family is asking Him to do great things on their behalf. Thank you to the faithful who pray for all of them. It is because of you that there is such power throughout the Lundman's and our stories.

Isaiah 40:31 says, "But those who trust in the LORD will receive new strength. They will fly as high as eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not grow weary."

There is no God like our God!


Cloughamily said...


Thank you for the update. I, as I'm sure others, have been eager to hear about what God has been doing over the past couple of days and ready to praise Him for His mighty works. Our God is a God of miracles, and we will continue to pray for a verbal "Yes!" and a speedy and safe return home for everyone.

We feel blessed to be able to pray for all of the ladies. And know that they are constantly on our minds. Our boys remember them in their prayers too! And we pray for you and your children back home in Montana. In fact, there is a little something in the mail to your kiddos. Our oldest two boys were so concerned that they might be missing their mommy and brother and sister that they sent a little something to encourage them.

God bless you, Todd, for trusting Jesus in all circumstances and for putting your hope in His unfailing love. You and Jenny are such an encouragement to us. The "ripple effect" doesn't stop with you two!

On our knees for these four blessed women of God, Christopher and Katie, the judge and your family in Montana,
Erinn (for the Clough Crew)

Karen said...

Hi Todd!

Glad to see you posted. Like I said at Costco, we're part of that long list of families privleged to be praying over every aspect of your adoption journey.

Looking forward to meeting your new babies!