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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Whirlwind of Awesomeness!

I have not been able to blog for a day or two, and I feel like I have been away for a few weeks! The last couple days have been so much fun...I have been spending a lot of time with J.B, his wife Grace, and their 4 children. They are a Ugandan family who loves the Lord. JB is the teaching pastor at Calvary Chapel in Jinja. They are beautiful people and have shown the love of Jesus to me in such tangible ways. I thank the Lord for bringing them into my life. I believe God has something big planned regarding this family and possibly my involvement with them.

Yesterday I spent a couple hours at Amani with Christopher and Katie. Katie must be feeling well because her little personality is just blossoming. They are so much fun! During this time, I received the great news that the judge said YES! I was shouting praises to God with 11 little children all around me. They all began raising their hands in the air like I was doing. We are so happy!

This entire adoption process has felt like a never-ending marathon. Not only do I have to run, but I have to jump hurdles! Each hurdle is a huge accomplishment, but the importance and weight of the next hurdle looms over me. I am rejoicing over this particular victory but am continuing to pray for the next several steps we have yet to pass. We also found out that the wording of the ruling could potentially pose a problem. We cannot do anything but wait and trust in our Lord. I know He has a plan and He will see us through. In the mean time...KEEP PRAYING!

* We need a written ruling
* We meet with an official who has to write a letter to enable us to file for passports
* We file for C & K's passports--this can be an intense process
* We take our written ruling, our "okay" from the medical exams (which we have already done), and the children's passports and apply for the visa. This is where the wording on the ruling is crucial. This determines whether or not the children get a visa and clearance to come to the US for final adoption.

I have 9 days to get this accomplished (if you include the day I fly out)! We want to leave as scheduled. Please continue to pray us through the remainder of this process. We are so close! I am thankful we can be in this journey together with so many of you. Even though many miles separate us, we are unified through the bonding of the Holy Spirit. We get to celebrate together -- our Lord is awesome!

Yesterday, after I got the ruling, I went to Calvary Chapel and helped dig post holes. They are raising several tarps/tents (for shade) for a funeral that is today. (A 76 year old missionary, who has been here for more than 30 years passed away this weekend from natural causes). It was so hot yesterday and the labor was intense. There are very few tools to work with, and the ones that are available, are in poor shape or are very primitive. No one had gloves, so we received many blisters. Yet it was an incredible bonding time. Watching a handful of these men dig a six-foot-deep grave was emotionally overwhelming. It took an entire day--and they would not stop until is was finished. It spoke of such an intimate love, compassion and respect for this missionary couple.
Later that afternoon, I spent a few hours with Grace. She cooked another delicious meal for me and then we left together to go to a women's prison. There is a team of about five women that go 2 times a week to do a Bible study with the prisoners and to also teach an English class--using scripture! There are about 30 women that show up regularly. It was another wonderful experience.

I continue to meet people that love the Lord with all their heart--I am being blessed tremendously. It is hard to imagine never returning to this place. I know I will return one day, and hopefully with my entire family! Once you experience a place like this, it does something to your heart. You cannot remain unchanged. You cannot go on living the same. You have to make a choice...who will you serve? Who will you give your life to? What are the most important things in life? It is a very reflective time, and it causes you to take an evaluation of the life you are living. I know, more than ever, with incredible confidence, that I serve an awesome God who loves His people. Life is about glorifying Him. There is no greater joy!

I am signing off...I get to go pick up my parents from the airport! Yippee!! C & K are going with me to meet Grammy and Grandpa. My camera battery is dying...and I cannot find my converter to charge the batteries. Pray that my camera batteries lasts long enough to get pictures of this first meeting of grandchild/grandparent!

Thank you for partnering with us.


Jessica said...

Jenny, for about $2, from any electronics shop in uganda, you can buy an international outlet converter...all that $2 converter does is change the shape of the plug, it doesn't convert from 110 to 220 volts (their electricity is "twice as strong" so to speak), but you can get a more expensive plug that will convert the voltage *if* you need. If your camera charger is "dual voltage" (most are) you only need the inexpensive converter. Usually near the blug or on the bottom there is a label or printing in tiny type with the UL rating and other stuff you don't understand...and some text that says what kind of power input the device takes. If it says something like "100-240VAC 50-60mhz" that means its dual voltage. If on the other hand it says only "110V AC", you would need a voltage converter too. Good luck! I suspect you only need a $2 converter.

Josh and Elizabeth said...

Wow, Jenny, we're so thankful to see your process moving again! We are praying, praying for everything to come together. Our process demonstrated God's delight in the eleventh hour. He won't delay, even if at times it feels like a delay. We're so happy about the ruling and will wait for news of each remaining step. We're with you in spirit. Love, the Grandersons

Anonymous said...


It was so great to get your update. It is a continued blessing in my day to see God at work there in Uganda. I am so glad that your parents are meeting you there. Jaden is being a trooper. He even brought me a cinnamon roll to school today. He is a true blessing and a joy!! We prayed today that you would not have homesickness. That was fun explaining to everyone exactly what that meant. Our whole class is so excited to hear that the Judge said, "Yes". Everyone in the class cheered for Jaden that he now has a new brother and sister. Thanks for the updates. I will continue praying for your strength and God's grace.


aakoenig said...

I just can't wait to see those beautiful children and watch them play and grow into your family here in Billings. Yeah!!! The wait has been so long, but well worth all the hills to climb. You both more so then anyone. Thanks for always teaching us.

I remember in Shepherd talk of those two children (of course not knowing who they were) and how exciting it was going to be have them here. Haven't things come a long way since then?

The curtains are coming along slowly. Aaron will be gone this weekend, so maybe I will get a chunk of them done. I had to order the ribbon, so as much as I want you home sooner then later, I may need the whole next week to get them up. But we would manage if the day was sooner that you flew home.
Well my prayers continue to be with you,