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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It has been a sweet reunion!
We are enjoying being together as a complete family--it has been worth the wait! Everyone is adjusting well and the transition has been smooth so far. It is a very natural and normal feeling to have the babies home and to be a family of 7! There is honestly never a dull moment, and the fact that I can sit and blog for a few minutes is a miracle in itself!
Christopher and Katie are doing wonderful. Katie has just blossomed, she is so full of life and personality! Christopher is a ham...he loves being the life of the party. They are smiling all the time and are looking healthy. Jaden and Kellen are wonderful big brothers and Sage is a super big sister. Sage keeps telling everyone, "I love my brother and sister sooo much."
We are currently looking at two hospitals to treat Katie's sickle cell--one in Tennessee or one in Georgia. Please be praying as we begin the referral process and finalize decisions. We are hoping to fly out as soon as we can.
I will be posting lots of pictures and hopefully some video soon! Stay Tuned!


Jenn said...

Oh Good! You're still blogging!

So many people quit blogging when they get home with their kiddos.

Can't wait to see photos! It's hard to believe that it's finally over. WooHoo God!

I hope you'll continue blogging as you treat Katie's sickle-cell so that we'll all still know how we can pray for your family.

Much love guys,
See you in a couple of months (hopefully!)

Missy said...

It's so so amazing to read this post that you are writing from home! With your kids! Praying for you all!

Jessica said...

I'm glad you guys made it home safely! I look forward to seeing some pictures of the new bigger happy family and seeing your kids with the new babies! :) And of course I look forward to future blog posts about how the babies are adjusting and how the rest of your family is doing!

Matthew and Amanda said...

My heart just smiles knowing you are all HOME together! I think of you many times a day. It has become a habit for me to pray for you as I pick up toys, do the dishes, all my daily things I have spent praying for you over the last 6 weeks and I just can't stop praying for you and thinking of you!
As you get settled in I would love to come see you and bless you with a meal and help as you did our family when we came home with Hadassah.
I just SMILE knowing you are HOME with all 5 of your children!
We will be praying for Katie. I'm believing God for a total miracle for her!
Bless you all,

Anonymous said...

Amazing, truly AMAZING.

We've been reading the blog about 1-2x's per week and each time have rejoiced or anguished or prayed for each of you.

Jenny, you have endured so much these last few weeks - being away from Todd and the kids - embracing 2 new kids and trying to get them "home". You are an amazing and inspiring woman. Your testimony of all that you have been through and how your heart has rejoiced and then ached and then found hope and then praised and then cried - wow... it's truly been a testimony of God's faithfulness and that your strength has NOT been in flesh and blood... but truly in HIS strength alone. You are AMAZING. We are awed by you.

Todd - we still scratch our heads and wonder how in the world you held up with the 3 kiddos at home. Your blog entries have also brought us so much joy to read and to hear your voice speak behind your typed words. We are inspired by your ongoing love and support that reached out to Jenny while she was away. Amazing to see/hear how God has just given you much strength and given you a joy to see your family reunited.

We are so excited for you all and just continuing to pray for you and love you across the miles. Thanks for sharing so openly and honestly. What a journey. What a family. We are truly blessed and inspired by all SEVEN of you. Holy cow... 7! That's just awesome!

We love you guys.
The Ferg's

Kroll Family said...

I can't describe how wonderful it was to see you all together at church on Sunday. I am overwhelmed with joy for you all. You have all endured so much. You are an awesome family and I feel so blessed to know you!

Thank you for continuing to share on your blog. It has become a habit for me to check your blog and Erryn's blog during my quiet time. I've never done so much praying sitting in front of the computer as I have during the last 7 weeks since you and Erryn left.

I will continue praying for sweet Katie. Welcome home!!

Love and God bless,

r.glassing said...

I am thrilled to see that you are still blogging. Checking your and Erryn's blog have become a routine part of my day. I look forward to the pictures.

What a beautiful family ... you all look so natural and HAPPY. Katie and Christopher fit like a glove into your group. I am thrilled for you all.

May God's Blessings continue to pour onto you all ... especially little Miss Katie as she starts the process of healing from sickle cell.


Cloughamily said...


I'm so happy you are still blogging! I can't wait to see pictures and video of your beautiful family. And praise God for the easy transition!!! It's lovely to hear how well the children are bonding. God is good all the time!

We praise God for the many blessings in your life and for His hand in orchestrating every detail to the glory of His name. He is gracious, generous, and triumphant! May He continue to direct your path in getting the proper care Katie needs to treat her sickle cell anemia.

God bless you all!

Erinn (for the Crew)

julie d said...

hi jenny,
so glad to hear that you and your family are ONE now. what a beautiful beautiful moment it must have been to be together. i am praying for continued adjustment for all of your children and also for you and your husband. never forget that God is rejoicing right along with you...He is the one who brought you all this far and He'll continue to be right next to you, come what may.

Nicole said...

AMEN! Congratulations to you and your family Jenny! What an amazing testamony you have here! You have really helped me to open my eyes to being truley patient and responsive to our Lord! May you and your family have many many days of happiness and may you all do it for the Glory of our King!

Amanda Smolinski said...

I'm so happy to hear that the kids are back in the states! And I'll be praying for Katie's medical treatment... which hospital in TN? Is it Vanderbilt by any chance? I live in Nashville and would be glad to help you guys out some day around town if things ever get around to that. Feel free to email me anytime!
Love and Godbless,
Amanda (an auntie from the baby 1 room who loves your kids :) )