Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Monday, April 14, 2008


Happy birthday! I'm overwhelmed still that God chose you for me and me for you. Sometimes I think of you, and can't find the right words or enough of them to describe the love God has given me for you. You are full of integrity, and your passion for God is contagious. You are even more beautiful at 30!



Happy, happy, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!there is a birthday, birthday for my Mom!I'm going to have Christopher & Katie for a erly show & tail.I can't wate intill Chistopher & katie get here! It's going to be a the best time ever and daddy will haveto chang dipers.and sometimes Kellen & sage & Mommy but never me.Not even if they tell me to.



love kjm
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(by Sage's hands- she dictated while she typed- it's difficult to remember all of it, but she basically said that she loves you. Happy Birthday, Mommy. Thank you Jesus that I get to go to Mommy's party. It's only for girls.)

We are all waiting anxiously. God's speed home.


lana said...

Happy birthday!!! I can't wait to see you in just a couple days and meet those beautiful kids.

Matthew and Amanda said...

Happy Birthday dear Jenny!!!
Praying you entertain angels on the way home. That you would be in the presence of God's helpers that give you the extra hand and company you need.

r.glassing said...

Happy Birthday Jenny ... can't think of a better gift than bringing your Jesus Babies home to your family so full of love.

I had Sage in Children's Church this week and she was telling me all about her Mom being in Africa to get her brother and sister and that their names are Christopher and Katie. She is going to help her sister.

EVERYone is so excited to meet the newest members of the Moore family ... May God bless your travels and bring you home safe and sound.

Happy, happy, joy, joy on your 30th year!!!

Nadine said...

Hey Todd,

The love and sacrifice you, your kids and your family has made to for this 2 year journey, the pure faith and perseverance to bring into your family two, yes two, orphaned children, one even with a blood disorder. and continue to keep the faith, and 40 days of your wife/mother away to give God's children a chance and a hope for love and a family and a future and bring these children home, in HIS name is amazing!

God Bless you! You will be rewarded in heaven and your children will always know HIS blessings, miracles and grace.

You are an amazing inspiration to your lovely children who write the most heartfelt and beautiful loves to "Mommy".

Kenny can hardly wait to embrace you all! He and Katie already have this bond, you know what I mean, they have a connection, with the same understanding, pain and direct source to our Lord, that keeps them....For God so loved the world...and children..

God Speed to Jenny, Christopher and Katie. Guardian angels over them, I pray.

Love Nadine

Beth said...

We're praying you have a safe journey home with Katie & Christopher and awaiting the news that you are back HOME!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Jim & I. We love you and the love you share with our family.

Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

The most special Happy Birthday!!!!!!!to you Jenny. I can only imagine how special this birthday must be to you. You are truly a woman of God who will go to the ends of the earth to be in His will. Bless you and your family for being so faithful and for inspiring my faith. I pray for a speedy trip home and a wonderful homecoming. I feel so blessed and honored to have been put in your path after moving here. Thanks for inspiring and blessing my life.


The Carr Clan said...

Happy Birthday Jenny! God gave you the best present of all :-)