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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Our Miracle

God woke me in the middle of the night at 3:45 am. I felt an urgent need to pray but was not sure what to pray about. I lay in bed for a couple minutes until the sound of our phone ringing bolted me out of bed. It was Mary, our liaison, telling me that I needed to pray. Kisakye was very sick and she was beign rushed to the hospital. They thought she might have sickle cell anemia and she was going to need a blood transfusion. Todd and I prayed together, and then I spent the next couple hours praying for Kisakye and wrestling with many different emotions. The words, "God's grace is sufficient," kept running through my mind. I had been told that two men of God annointed Kisakye with oil before she left for the hospital, which was 3-4 hours away. I prayed for pure blood for her transfusion. Then God reminded me of the meanings of her names. Kisakye means "God's grace"--God's grace is sufficient. Christine means "annointed"--she had been annointed with oil. Katie means "pure" and I was praying for pure blood. The Gunderson's CD had arrived in the mail a few hours earlier. I had the pictures loaded on my computer and was able to view a very close up picture of Kisakye. It was so clear and vivid that I could see the tiny hairs on her skin, the shape of her delicate features. I prayed as I studied her face. She felt so close that it was as if I was holding her in my arms and praying over her.
When Kisakye arrived in Kampala, the hospital did not have any blood for a transfusion. The doctors tested the blood of the four women who had taken Kisakye to the hospital. A Canadian volunteer named Jocelyn, who had held Kisakye and prayed for her the entire way, was a perfect blood match and donated the life-saving blood to our little girl. Praise God. He is so good!

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