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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Friends, Packages, and Uganda

God has blessed us with a beautiful friendship through Erryn and Deke Lundman. They are passionate about following Christ. Their enthusiasm and love for the Lord radiates from them. God used my mom to spur them on to a mission trip with Believer's World Outreach (the same one she went on two summers ago). They responded obediently to God's call and went to Uganda for two weeks in July 2007. It is so exciting seeing God use them in mighty ways in and out of Africa.
Before they left for Uganda, we put together a package for Christopher and Kisakye, which was hand delivered by Deke and Erryn. We made a laminated collage of our family pictures and filled a soft, durable photo album with pictures of all of us. We also sent an IU (Indiana University) outfit for Christopher and Katie to have their pictures taken in. Jaden, Kellen, and Sage have all worn these same outfits which were given to us by Papaw and Mamaw. We then surprised Papaw and Mamaw with these pictures. IU fans all the way from Uganda!

When Erryn delivered the picture collage to our babies, Christopher and Katie became instant celebrities! The mamas held onto our babies and wouldn't even let Erryn hold them! The mamas wanted to ask questions, hear stories, and see pictures. Everyone in the baby cottage had to see and hold the collage. Mamas were grabbing the pictures out of the kids' hands because they were so excited! It was a little crazy! Erryn had to keep telling the mamas that these pictures belong to Christopher and Katie!
It is our prayer that these pictures will familiarize our babies with us. We are asking God to create a special bond so that when our babies see us for the first time, they will acutally recognize us. We pray that God would unite our hearts together even now, that Christopher and Katie would know they are a part of our family--forever!

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lundmanzoo said...

How we miss them and pray that they are healthy and well until they meet their mom and dad!