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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

our morning view

at The Source Cafe

Christopher enjoying his ice cream

Mommy and Katie playing tickle bird

Mama Edith and Katie


children receiving their beanie babies


Christopher enjoying his first sippie


smiley6338 said...

Oh, dear Jenny, I got your wonderful Christmas letter and just beamed with joy for you, Todd, and ALL THE KIDS. God is so good and faithful, and I knew when I met you that you were something very special in Christ and just radiated His abundant love. Reading about the journey that you and Todd have taken to adopt those precious children just proves it all the more. I could not be happier for you all! I am praying for everyone concerned and just KNOW that He will provide, as He always does . . . and soon, those babies will be with you, Todd, Jaden, Kellen, and Sage here in Montana, and all will be well. I'm so proud that you and Todd have listened to God's calling and have heeded His divine call. I can't wait to hear an update and will check this site often to hear how the progress is going, as I JUST KNOW . . . that ALL WILL BE WELL! I'm so blessed to have met you and have been able to "ride along" with this journey of hope and love. God bless you, Todd, and everyone involved even more abundantly, than He already has! With huge hugs and love . . Kathy Wagner . . . from Bible study last year . . .

Beth said...

Thanks for the unlifting pictures! I am copying the one of all 4 of you to share.
We are all doing fine.

As I was reflecting on Grandpa Moore, I realized all of us have know him longer that Grandpa Collett. We know God has been with us through it all. We were all at the hospital on Monday. Scott and us have received calls or emails from from friends we have not heard from for quite awhile. God is amazing in how he works!

Take care. Give Katie and Christopher a kiss and hug for us.

Love, MOM

aakoenig said...

Aaron to told me tell you not to mention the good fruit anymore. YOu are making him very jealous. As for me, it won't matter what you talk about, I'm jealous. I love it all.
Oh so this just great, another lover of ice cream in the Moore family. We are going to have to take out stock in Breyers. And not leave our ice cream behind anymore.
I can't wait to see ALL of you soon (hopefully, praying for ALL).
Jenny,do you remember JJ from the Africa team? Well make sure you check your e-mail, because his wife is going to e-mail you. Well I should go. Thanks for the pictures and I am so happy the kids enjoyed the playdoh.

lundmanzoo said...

I love the pictures. The smiles on both of your faces tell a big story without any words.

It was a hard day today...Deke had to cancel his classes for another semester. We can still pick up classes if the house sells...We know God has a special plan for us and His time is perfect! We are waiting!

Miss you both! Todd, we are sorry about your gpa. That's hard.

It's so fun to get your news. We are hanging on every word. Wishing we were there!
Love, E and D

Lacey Nicole said...

i love you say hi to katie and christopher. you are smart daddy and hansom and you mommy are pretty and smart you both are cool and fun i hope you are having fun wheth christopher and katie i hope i am not spoling your fun and we'r praing for you mommy i hope you are eating a nofe of thear ice craem and daddy i hope you are getting a nofe exercises. i'm having fun wheth grammy and kellen and sage but am sad but i can go places wheth out cring but i wish you wher her i miss you and i can't wate till you get her. love jaden
The kids are doing great!!Jaden really wanted to write that letter to the two of you. He did such a good job all by himself. We love you and can't wait to hear from you!!

aakoenig said...

Hey Todd and Jen,
I have been thinking about you a ton. I spoke to your Mom and I will fervently be praying. Your health, your strugggle with the gov't and the babies coming home. Tis the season for miracles and we hope that God will intervene in a mighty way. Keep looking to Him for strength and encouragement. Nahum 1:7 The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him.
Aaron and Ariel

Matthew and Amanda said...

Dear Jenny and Todd, You are so blessed to be in such an amazing and wonderful experince with your babies. God is with you. He is faithful and will see you through with your babies. I am so moved and amazed how much God is at work in bonding your hearts with these precious little ones. I love your hearts to seek our God's will for your whole family including Christopher and Katie. This is so amazing. Do not fear, God is with you; and He will see His will fulfilled. You are in the midst of His will. God will see this through and you will not be harmed, but fulfill the will of God for you and your family including Christopher and Katie. I love your heart and your desire to just do God's will and the way you express your love for your children. What an adventure you are having that will bring forth God Glory. God is writing your story and your childrens's story. No matter what you encounter, God's Grace is sufficient. Obviously you are experiencing that Grace and we can only come along side and rejoice with you as He sees you through to the completion of His will. He will bring you home safely and your babies as well. We stand in agreement with this!!! We will rejoice as His story for your family unfolds. Do not fear, you are in His hands.
Janice Jones
Amanda DeSarro's mom

reclough said...

We thank God for you. Each day we pray for you. The Lord is our strength in times of need, our refuge in times of trouble. Lean on Him; He cares for you. Todd and Jenny, we love you both so much. And we praise God for your amazing story of obedience to His will for your family. We have shared your blessed adoption story with our children and they too have expressed sincere petitions before Father. We look forward to seeing pictures of your entire family united in Montana. Thank you for allowing all of us to witness the unfolding of this very special event in your lives. God bless you both.

Love your friends,
Ron and Erinn Clough

P.S. Maybe someday we'll find ourselves reunited with the two of you. Your children seem so sweet. Our children would love to play with them!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Dearest Jenny,

I have loved every word or your story and cired through the whole journey! My heart is just there with you praying for you all. What amazing people you are. We love the Jesus that so beautifully flows from your lives. We are so thankful God brought you into our lives. It will be so wonderful to welcome home your babies. We are praying for favor and and I am asking alot, but I am believing you will bring them home with you this trip! My heart is so blessed and I just want to read the whole blog again!!! I love you my sister in Christ and praise God for all He is doing on your families behalf. I am in awe of the Lord! Blessing to you all and the beautiful ones who have cared for your children with such love. May the favor of God lead you all! Blessings,

Anonymous said...

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