Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Something Old, Something New

That's basically what it feels like around here.

There's definitely something new with Katie and Christopher. A new family dynamic; a new routine; a new perspective on God's purpose for our lives; a new beginning for all of us in many ways.

Yet, still, there is something old about it all...

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes or pants that made you look twice to make sure they weren't "pre-worn" because they provided the comfort of your old one's? Have you ever been to a place you know that you have never experienced before, and it still felt strangely like home? Have you ever made a new friend in some wierd circumstance, and after a few moments you connected like best friends since junior high?

In a very abstract way, that's what it's like with Katie and Christopher being "home". By our strange disappearance of blog entries, you may have deduced that our days have precious little "left-over" time which has definitely caused us to be more deliberate with each moment. Yet, God's presence is still abundantly clear, and His grace flows in a continual stream.

I've often found myself at the edge of a mountain stream wondering when the water will run out and stop flowing. Perplexed, I keep watching and listening as the dribble, gurggle, pop, and splash never show signs of fading.

Welcome to God's grace. It is the stream that never fades or falters. It is never late, and is always enough for the present need. Sure, there is never enough water in that mountain stream to meet the demands of hundreds of years, but there is always enough for that moment. There is an endless supply of grace; never in surplus or need; always just enough.

We remind ourselves of this as Katie is in her first major hospital visit here in Montana. She is requiring a blood transfusion to overcome some difficulties with her sickle cell. She's weak, tired of being poked and prodded by the nurses, and generally in a little of a fowl mood, but she is very gritty and tough. A couple of weeks ago she had blood drawn, and I watched in amazement as she merely blinked when they poked her with the needle. Then I watched her scream in complete terror as they attempted to put a band-aid on her wound. Go figure, but she is certainly tough. That's God's grace in the life of a little girl with a difficult disorder. His grace is practical and sufficient.

Pray for her health, and ask God to do what we pray over her every night: That she would rest in the knowledge of the presence of God.

Matt. 28:20, "...And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age."


Jessica said...

lol, maybe Katie innately knew how much it was going to hurt when that bandaid eventually gets peeled off?

syd said...

Hey Jenny:
loved your visual image of the water flowing!
Chads Africa video is on his website now ( Go to the missions tab and scroll to bottom. It takes a few minutes to upload. The color on the computer isn't as rich as on dvd. I will send you an original copy of it! It is an amazing song and your kids will love.
We are praying for your babies! God has them right where He wants your arms!!!
Chad & Syd Hair...Pocatello, ID

Nadine said...

Something special,
Something old, never far from my son, Kenny, and something new, Katie's struggles and needs, and yours... Something similar, yet not the same.
God's Grace reigns!!
I thank God for the gift that has drawn us together, a larger global family under HIS universe, in unity for His purpose.
Sitting with you, just talking, for the hours we talked, time just flew, sharing our lives and our kids, our stories, figuring out our connections with one another...
Sitting on the floor, as if we were actually in ...should I say it...Africa...even though it was a hospital in America.
It felt good, friendly and peaceful
Sitting on that floor.
With You, Katie and His presence.

I Love You all! Hugs to everyone of your precious children and Todd too!


bro.sammy said...

hi Jennie.Am pst sam an am in Nairobi-kenya.I know that God will see you through even in katies issue.You know what jennie,Jesus Himself is just there with you an katie an He will perfect everything.Amen!Now I need your prayers also.have been looking for my passport in kenya an i tell you its not easy here.Anyway i wish you well and victory in all things.remember Psalms

bro.sammy said...

HI happy to come to you on the comment site.How are you with Todd and the children?May the joy of the Lord be your have said in my previous comment,am in Nairobi working on my passport.please pray!pray!pray!I would like to encourage you and Todd to be strong for God is Faithful.I Sam 3:12.that when God begins,He will also bring to an can read your testimony dubbed JENNY MOORE-UGANDA AGENDA 2008.on my site: and be

r.glassing said...


Your ability to communicate is truly a gift. You have such a beautiful way with words and word images. I continue to sit in awe at the beauty of your faith and of you, as a woman, mother, wife, daughter and child of God. You perform each role with such grace and class. I thank God that He brought you and your family into our church family and into my life. You are truly an inspiration.


Jody Atkinson said...

Hey guys,
long time no talk but you've all been in my thoughts and prayers! I'm so happy to have connected with Ceil the other night and had her forward me your contact info. Congrats on the arrival of your two new additions! They couldn't have asked for a more loving family! Looking at all of the pics brought tears to my eyes. I just miss you all so much! God truly does work in mysterious ways and it is through His grace that we were brought into each others' lives. I wish you all the best of what God has in store for you and will continue to keep you in my prayers and at the forefront of my mind. Miss you lots but luv you more!

Jenn said...

Can I inspire you to post? Hahaha.
Tagged you over on my blog to do a 5 Things About Me post. I had to do one, because my life is incredibly boring right now. Just wanted to invite you back to the blogging world!

Love ya!

Tiffany said...

Hey just across your page..we are heading over to uganda in september to pick up are little man that is 24 months..we can not wait..

Jen L. said...

Hi Jenny,
I'm Jenny too, I don't know when you'll get this but I just wanted to say what an inspiration your story has been to me, I've read most, but not all of it and can't wait to finish it!
I seen the pics of you with your little ones right after you got home at Jennifer in Polson,right at the begginig of our adoption journey from Ethiopia,we're on the waiting list for a baby boy, and have four of our own bio children, your faith is such an encouragement to me and mine!!! blessings to you. Jenny Learn

Cloughamily said...

Hi Jenny!

Okay, I'll be the one to put a flame under you... :) For all of us who don't live in Billings and can't see your beautiful family all together, I graciously ask for updated pictures to your blog. (Did that come across alright?) I am SO excited (and obviously a little impatient) to see your precious blessings and their Daddy and Mommy.

We love you guys, think of you, and pray for all of you often. I've been meaning to call you, but time gets away from you know.

May God continue to bless you and strengthen you through His word - refreshing your spirits - and may He grant you peace that transends all understanding in Christ Jesus.