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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Another milestone...
It's amazing how one email can just make our day...we received news that Amani Baby Cottage received our signed affidavits--2 days earlier than expected! These papers should be delivered to the lawyer today, then he will file with the court by Friday! Then we wait to receive our court date!
Keep praying!!!
We also got some encouraging news...Siouxanne, the nurse at Amani, started requiring that Katie drink water four times throughout the day. (We had been concerned that she might be dehydrated which is critical with sickle cell anemia). The report has been good. There seems to be a noticeable difference in her energy level and health, so much that Siouxanne wants to make this mandatory for all the children.
We praise God for this!


athomeinmont said...

Hi there- I'm a prayerful soon to be (relative term)adoptive mom to kids from Africa. We live south of Missoula and know no other adoptive families- we haven't begun our homestudy and are waiting on the Lord's specific leading... I haven't gotten any peace about agencies and am feeling like the Lord may want us to go another route- are you comfortable sharing details about your process? I LOVE the pictures and your God-honoring heart... what a treat to have found your blog!

Jenny said...

I would love to talk with you! Email me at

Jessica said...

I'm really glad to hear they're thinking about requiring all the kids to drink more water! That was one of the things I know I really noticed when they were doesn't seem to be cultural to drink a proper amount of water needed for good health. So its good to hear that they're seeing how much of a difference it makes!