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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Labor Pangs!

On the morning of March 30, 2007, I received a phone call. It was Mary, our liaison to the baby cottage. She said, "Are you having any labor pangs?? I said, "Do you have our babies?!?" The answer was YES!!!
I was able to do a three way call so Todd could be on the phone for this exciting news. We were shaking, giggling, crying, so overwhelmed with joy and excitement. We found out that we have a little boy named Christopher Ndugwa and and a girl named Priscilla Christine. They were both abandoned immediately after birth at Mulago Hospital in Kampala. They are not biological siblings, but they are only six days apart. Christopher's birthday is June 29, 2006. Priscilla's is July 5, 2006.
Our friend on the phone said, "I want you to know how we knew these were the Jesus Babies... Amani Baby Cottage had their eye on little Priscilla for us. They would set her on the ground and get a little boy and put him next to her. They would shake their heads saying 'No, this isn't the right match.' They would get another little boy and place him next to Priscilla. It was the same reaction, not the right match. Next they placed Christopher next to her. The two babies looked at each other, lit up, and gave each other a big, gummy smile! The workers knew this was the right match. They realized that Christopher and Priscilla Christine were the Jesus Babies. They said, 'How much more Jesus can these babies be when they both have 'Christ' in the names they came with!'"
We are thrilled! We are jumping with joy! We are praising God! Could you hear us shouting from the roof tops?

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